Pixel 2 XL camera shake-gate brings more problems for Google

Seems like Google can't catch a break with the LG made Pixel 2 XL. From display issues to clicking noises, it has not been a kind several weeks for the tech giant. Today, I might have discovered yet another issue, an issue that's really beginning to bug me way more than any of the previously mentioned issues that the handset has suffered from. Let's call this vibrating camera-gate (okay, yes that was bad). I have begin noticing that whenever I receive a text while in the middle of snapping a photo or recording a video, the photo comes out blurry or parts of the video vibrate. The vibration from the text notification seems to shake the lens, causing the photo to blur. This has been extremely

Want a premium Android phone this holiday season? Verizon may have the best deal

The holiday season is now upon us with black Friday just days away and that means great savings are on the horizon. If you want a shiny new premium Android smartphone (of course you do), it appears that Verizon will have among the best deals. Starting on Thanksgiving, big red will be selling premium Android handsets for up to 50% off (after 24 monthly credits) and you do not need to trade-in a phone to get this deal. That's right, no trade-in required, however, you must be on a Verizon Unlimited plan. The deal lasts for two days (11/23-11/24) so you better act fast. Keep in mind that since this deal is over 24 monthly installments, you would need to stay with Verizon for the full two years o

Unboxing the Google Pixel Buds

Today, I got my hands on the highly anticipated Google Pixel Buds. I have been anxiously waiting for this product since it was announced back on October 4th. Now that I finally have them in my hands, I decided to do a little unboxing video. In addition to the unboxing, I also show how easy it is to figure out how to put the Pixel Buds back into the charging case. Apparently, there are some people out there that thought it was too complicated to figure out. Just follow the included picture and you should be good to go. I actually like the way they go in. I will be testing out the product for the next few days so expect a 120 second review to come shortly! #Google #GooglePixelBuds #PixelBuds #

120 Second Review: Google Pixel 2 XL (November Security Update)

Finally had a chance to sit down and really get into the new Google Pixel 2 XL. I was not at first optimistic about the device after hearing the myriad of issues plaguing the handset. These issues were mainly display related, with users claiming the display was not vibrant. Google has sinced released a software update to fix said issues by providing a new saturated color mode. This 120 second review was done entirely with the saturated color mode on and it certainly makes a difference compared to what the display looked like before the update. Regardless of the issues it had with the display, the Google Pixel 2 XL is still an amazing smartphone and should still contend for smartphone of the

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