Goodbye notch, say hello to Samsung's Infinity-O screen

The notch, which was started by Essential and made famous by Apple, has been dominating the smartphone market. For those of you who do not know what a "notch" is -- its the dip in the screen on top which houses the speaker and front-facing camera(s). Almost every flagship smartphone has some type of notch on top of their display. Unfortunately, this is not a good thing since the notch design is highly controversial and continues to be a giant eye-sore for many. Personally, I would have been perfectly happy with just a top bezel. Thankfully, some manufacturers are working on reducing the size of the notch (like OnePlus), while some others have found ways to completely get rid of it by using s

Samsung to release a foldable phone in March 2019?

Last week at their developers conference in San Francisco, Samsung possibly brought new excitement to the smartphone industry. At the event, the Korean tech giant showed off a prototype foldable smartphone. Justin Denison, a senior vice president at Samsung, discussed the prototype and said the device sports a 7.3-inch display when unfolded. The device, which was revealed in the shadows, appeared to be inside of a box so that Samsung could keep the design a secret. Mr. Denison did demonstrate how the phone folds in half and confirmed that the smartphone pretty much extends into a tablet. When folded, users will be able to use a secondary 4.6-inch display. Samsung stated that the new Infinity

Samsung gearing up to announce foldable smartphone?

It's coming. A real-life, consumer-ready foldable smartphone. A phone that literally folds in half, not like the ZTE Axon M by a hinge, but a single screen that can actually fold like a wallet. Samsung has been working on one for the most of this decade and there have been rumors that it's close to announcing one for sale. Recently, Samsung Mobile changed their logo, on social media, to their company logo that appears to fold over like a wallet. This tease, by Samsung, comes at a very curious time. The tech giant has a developer conference this week in San Francisco and it seems likely that they'll make some noise. The timing also comes at the second to last month of 2018. With that said, th

This year I skipped on Pixel and went with the OnePlus 6T

Back in 2016 after the Galaxy Note 7 debacle, I fell in love with Google branded smartphones, specifically the Pixel XL. Despite the uninspiring iPhone-like design, the experience was smooth, quick, and easy. It also helped that there was no bloatware whatsoever. And the camera. The camera was simply outstanding. No other smartphone at the time could beat it. The phone got me excited for the second generation Pixel XL. A year later, the Pixel 2 XL was released and I, of course, upgraded to it. The design was so much better, even with the large bezels. It had front-firing speakers, a larger display, water-resistance, and a sexy black and white trim which was labeled "Panda." Even the camera w

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