• Sal Farieri

If you love Pokemon, Pocketown is a new game you must try

Pokemon fans, rejoice! There is a new mobile Pokemon game out that brings a brand new adventure. Pocketown - Adventure, created by SPPKGAME, is a new Pokemon adventure that brings solid graphics, animations, and a 3D player view. Pocketown is also a mass multiplayer game. Players can team up with others to take on opposing players and even take on the adventure together. Trainers can also chat with one another in-game on the server chat or a private chat.

The game itself is listed as an early access release, which means the game can be unstable. However, having personally tried it out for a bit, Pocketown game play seemed pretty stable for the most part and rather enjoyable. According to the app description, Pocketown is a remake from the original handheld console games. Pokemon from generations 1-4 and mega evolutions are in this new adventure. The game takes place on an island called Alola. Since the game stands to make some money from pricey in-app purchases, it makes one wonder if Pocketown is violating any copyright laws or if it gained permission to be created from The Pokemon Company. Nevertheless, if it's here to stay, it's definitely worth trying out. Pocketown can be downloaded via Google Play. Give it a try and leave your experience in the comments.

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