#MadeByGoogle Pixel Event Live Blog

Check below our live blog of Google's #MadeByGoogle Pixel event.

  • Google starts out event showing off the new Google Assistant. Will be similar to the one in the Google Allo messaging app.

  • 12:20PM - Google reveals Pixel, a new smartphone that will be the first device to have Google Assistant built-in.

  • 12:23PM - Demonstrating Google Assistant on the new Pixel smartphone.

  • 12:26PM - Google Assistant appears very fast and responsive.

  • 12:28PM - Google Pixel will have a 12.3 mega-pixel rear camera and a f/2.0 aperture. DXOMARK has given Pixel a rating of 89, highest rating ever for a smartphone. Google touts it's the best smartphone camera ever made.

  • 12:28PM - Smart Burst feature will capture a continuous stream of images and will use Google Intelligence to choose the sharpest, clearest photo.

  • 12:29PM - HDR Plus will improve image quality, reduces noise. Pixel uses HDR Plus by default.

  • 12:30PM - Video Stabilization will greatly reduce shaky videos.

  • 12:31PM - Google Photos will be built-in on the Pixel smartphone. Google will also include free unlimited storage for photos and videos at original quality for Pixel owners.

  • 12:33PM - No sign of the Pixel XL just yet.

  • 12:34PM - Google Duo, Google's video calling app, being demonstrated and will be built-in on Pixel.

  • 12:35PM - Pixel battery life being discussed. 7 hours of power in just 15 minutes of charging. As expected, Android Nougat will be pre-installed.

  • 12:36PM - Pixel will download latest updates in the background. No more staring at the progress bar, waiting for the update to finish.

  • 12:37PM - Google built 24/7 live customer care built right into Pixel. Agents can now assist owners with their device and with the screen share feature, the agent can see what users see.

  • 12:38PM - Google made it easier to transfer all content from one device/OS to another. Using Quick Switch, you can even transfer over iMessages.

  • 12:39PM - Ton of new cases for Pixel being introduced.

  • 12:40PM - Pixel will come in two different sizes. A 5-inch model and a 5.5-inch model. Both models will feature identical hardware specs except the larger model will have the bigger battery. Pixel will have a 2770 mAH battery, Pixel XL will have a 3450 mAh.

  • 12:42PM - Pixel will come in 3 colors: Quite Black, Very Silver and a limited edition Really Blue.

  • 12:43PM - Pixel will be Daydream VR ready.

  • 12:43PM - Google is partnering exclusively with Verizon Wireless to sell the devices in the US. Consumers can also purchase the device straight from Google and other international partners. Pixel will also work on the Project Fi network.

  • 12:45PM - Pricing for the Pixel will start at $649 or $27 per month. Pre-order begins today in the US, Australia, Canada, Germany and the UK. India pre-orders will begin on October 13th.

  • 12:47PM - Doing a recap of the pixel. So far, no word on wireless charging or memory card options. Also, they're pointing out that they have a headphone jack.

  • 12:49PM - Google getting into discussing Daydream VR.

  • 12:51PM - Daydream View unveiled. First Daydream ready VR headset.

  • 12:52PM - Daydream View crafted out of fabrics. Ditching gadget look.

  • 12:54PM - Talking about the remote that comes with the VR. Controller can be safely secured inside the headset itself.

  • 12:56PM - Daydream View will have different color options: Slate, Snow and Crimson.

  • 12:57PM - Now discussing the things Daydream VR can do.

  • 12:58PM - Google brings J.K. Rowling's Wizarding World to Daydream. Fantastic Beasts and where to find them will be a Daydream exclusive. Users get to be a Wizard!

  • 1:00PM - Daydream can be used for educational purposes as Google gets into a demonstration on the solar system.

  • 1:00PM - Gaming being discussed on Daydream.

  • 1:01PM - Netflix, HBO and Hulu entertainment libraries will be on Daydream.

  • 1:01PM - Journalism has taken the next step using virtual reality. Daydream will show the journalists point-of-view.

  • 1:02PM - Google Play movies can also be played on Daydream. Can also use other Google apps such as Google Photos, Street View and YouTube. Other Google partners will be bringing apps and content over to Daydream.

  • 1:03PM - Sheep view in Street View. Can tour the Faroe Islands and see from the perspective of a sheep apparently.

  • 1:04PM - YouTube demonstration underway.

  • 1:05PM - Best part of YouTube on Daydream: 360 and VR videos. It puts you in the film.

  • 1:07PM - Daydream View and the controller will be sold for $79.

  • 1:09PM - Google Wi-Fi announced.

  • 1:10PM - Google Wi-Fi. Is an expandable system to give better coverage. Nicely designed and comes with a companion app.

  • 1:12PM - Google Wi-Fi can be pre-ordered starting in November and will be shipped in early December. $129 for a single pack. 3-pack (for a larger home) will be sold for $299.

  • 1:12PM - With Google Wi-Fi you can easily manage the Wi-Fi network for your kids using the app.

  • 1:14PM - Chromecast time.

  • 1:15PM - Chromecast Ultra is announced. Will provide crisper picture and better performance. It can also cast up to 4K, Ultra HD resolution with HDR.

  • 1:16PM - Chomecast Ultra is 1.8x faster to load content. Major Wi-Fi improvements as well.

  • 1:17PM - Chromecast Ultra will be sold in November for $69.

  • 1:17PM - Google Home is up next.

  • 1:18PM - Google Home will include the new Google Assistant. Looks like the top of the device will have a capacitive touch.

  • 1:19PM - Demonstrating Google Home. This is a serious Amazon Echo competitor.

  • 1:20PM - Do not remember the name of a song from a movie? Google Home will play that song just by using the movie title and singer.

  • 1:23PM - Continuing to demonstrate Google Home. Rightfully so. Quite an amazing device.

  • 1:26PM - Google Home 'My Day" feature being demonstrated. It basically gives you a briefing of your day.

  • 1:26PM - Google has partnered with Nest, Samsung SmartThings, Philips Hue and IFTTT so that the Home can work with all of your connected devices in the house.

  • 1:27PM - You can even control your TV from Google Home using Chromecast.

  • 1:29PM - The hands-free voice control is extremely impressive and the Google Home device is very responsive.

  • 1:31PM - Netflix will soon support voice casting.

  • 1:33PM - Can use Google Photos to view your photos on your TV via Chromecast via Google Home.

  • 1:35PM - Google Home supports voice casting to speakers.

  • 1:37PM - Can use multiple Google Homes in the house. They can all play the same song, but when talking to it, whichever hears you the best will respond.

  • 1:40PM -Google Home will be available for pre-order starting today in the US and will launch on November 4th. The device costs $129 and Google will be giving a free 6-month trial to YouTube Red to go along with it.

  • 1:42PM - Google Home will have different base colors. You can have a fabric base in the following colors: Mango, Marine and Violet. You can also have a metal base in the following colors: Carbon, Snow and Copper.

  • 1:44PM - Back to Google Assistant.

  • 1:47PM - Google Actions: Direct Actions and Conversation Actions.

  • 1:50PM - Google Ends event.

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