First Impressions with the LG V20

The LG V20, which was revealed in early September, is a week away from its October 28th release date. With that said, I was fortunate enough to get my hands on one early for a short time. By short time I mean a few minutes. However, it was enough time to still take in a few things about the device.

The design of the V20 is something that really stood out to me. I believe it looks and feels premium. With thin bezels, the titan color really looks slick, sharp and felt good in the hand. Besides the second screen, my favorite design feature has got to be the removable back plate. On the lower right side of the device there is a button and when pressed releases the back plate to give you access to the battery and sim card slot. The back plate itself is not made of cheap plastic that is found on other devices with removable backs.

The display itself is what you can expect from a quad HD resolution - amazing visuals. As far as how the device operates, it runs quite smooth. The second screen and main screen is quite fluid and fast.

In a quick camera test, the V20 snapped photos quickly and recorded crisp videos. The way the device records sound is unmatched. Sound that was recorded in the videos did not sound distorted whatsoever. I would love to test this device out in a concert.

Verizon Wireless users can now order the V20 online while the other US carriers can order it on the October 28th release date. Will you pick up an LG V20? For more photos, check out the gallery below.

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