Why Samsung should team up with Google

It is no secret that Samsung is, or was, the unofficial king of Android. When Android is in discussion, Samsung is usually the first to be brought up. In the last few years, they've undoubtedly created some of the best that Android has to offer. Then the Galaxy Note 7 exploding debacle happened resulting in one of the worst years for the tech giant. Want to guess who reaped the benefits of Samsung's failure? Give up? Okay, Google.

Google has finally entered the smartphone world by launching their first phones -- the Pixel and Pixel XL. So far, these two devices have found quite the success and have been deemed to be the best smartphones available, especially the Pixel XL. To find a Pixel XL right now is almost impossible. At the time of writing this article, the 128GB Pixel XL will not be shipped out until February on Verizon Wireless and it's completely out of stock through Google.

Personally, I went from a Galaxy Note 7 to a Pixel XL in November and have not looked back. As much as I loved the Galaxy Note 7, the Pixel XL has quickly made me forget all about the other device. Being the first to get the latest Android updates, going through my day with amazing battery life, having the best smartphone camera combined with unlimited photo/video storage at original quality through Google Photos, and navigating quickly with no lag provided me with an excellent experience.

Will Samsung get back on top? With many people experiencing Google's new devices and the Galaxy Note 7 ruining consumer trust, it's uncertain that Samsung will regain the throne. I do believe Samsung can take a step towards getting back to sitting on top of the smartphone world. That step may be to team up with and share the throne with Google and here's why:

- Processors aside, the Pixel phones have been proven to be faster and lag-free. As fast as the Galaxy Note 7 was, it was not nearly as fast as the Pixels and did have some very minor lag.

- Samsung has been notoriously slow at pushing out the latest Android updates. Teaming with Google can change that.

- Both companies can push each other to bring more innovation to Android.

- Both companies have brand recognition and loads of money. Together, they could potentially steal more market share from Apple.

- If they were to team up, it cannot be another Galaxy Nexus mess which strained their relationship. Let Google handle the software aspect and Samsung handle hardware, specs and innovation. If they play nice together, expect great results.

Having finally experienced getting the latest Android updates as soon as it's released with the Pixel XL, I truly believe Samsung needs to jump on this to really push them further and provide more longevity to their phones. In the not so distant past, new updates did not play nice with existing Samsung smartphones. I believe Samsung should give its users at least two years of Android updates. The is one area where Samsung actually loses to Apple.

This is obviously just my own opinion, but it's an opinion that I think deserves a look especially after the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco. If the two did join forces, they'd be a force to be reckoned with.

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