The Android Report Smartphone of the Year (2016 edition)

Dozens upon dozens of smartphones were released this year. There were no shortage of quality devices to be had, but there had to be one that was above the pack. One that excelled in all categories of what truly makes a smartphone great. It was a tough choice, but the decision is finally in.

The Android Report Smartphone of the Year is the ̶S̶a̶m̶s̶u̶n̶g̶ ̶G̶a̶l̶a̶x̶y̶ ̶N̶o̶t̶e̶ ̶7̶ Google Pixel XL. Consistently in our Top 5 since its release, the Google Pixel XL is a truly magnificent smartphone in just about all areas. The device is blazing fast and fluid. It has the highest rated smartphone camera on the market and for good reason. It takes amazing pictures and the videos are crystal clear and shake-free thanks to video stabilization.

Storage is always an important aspect when choosing a device. The Pixel XL comes in two

different storage options: 32GB and 128GB. On top of that, Google offers Pixel owners unlimited photo and video storage at original quality. Battery life is another area where the Pixel XL shines. Packing a 3,450 mAh battery easily lasts all day and charges fairly quick.

Software is very well done. The Pixel XL currently is running the latest Android software (Nougat 7.1.1) which provides an outstanding and intuitive experience. With this comes the new Google Assistant, which helps out with many tasks and provides some entertainment as well. The built-in live customer support is also a very useful feature that adds to the value of the Pixel XL. This enables support via chat or phone. Lastly, being compatible to use the new Daydream View is an added bonus.

Would have liked to see wireless charging, waterproofing, and better use of the enormous bezels, but there is no phone that is perfect. Regardless, the Pixel XL is a phenomenal phone that provides an excellent experience. A mixture of solid hardware, software, top specs, and features puts the Google Pixel XL ahead of the competition.

Honorable mention: Moto Z Force - This device made the decision so tough. The Moto Z Force is a phone with many capabilities, top tier specs, a shatterproof display, unbelievable battery life, and a nice premium design. There was no device as innovative as the Moto Z Force in 2016. Turn the device into a projector, boost the sound with an attachable JBL speaker mod, or attach a Hasselblad camera mod that improves zoom and adds a professional flash. This is all courtesy of the Moto Mods. There are other mods that provide extra battery, wireless charging, and a dock for the device in the car.

Congratulations to Google on building an exceptional smartphone. We look forward to see what they can bring to the table again next year.

Happy New Year everyone!

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