App Review: Telegram brings a new era of messaging

Telegram is a secure, lightning quick, ad-free messaging app that is made for all platforms. This free cloud based application syncs across all of your devices from desktops, to tablets and smartphones. Telegram allows you to send unlimited messages, pictures, videos and files of any kind. It can be used across Android, iOS and Windows. Start a conversation via Telegram on your smartphone and continue it on your PC or Mac. This application is fantastic for group messages as you can have up to 5,000 people in a group. Perfect for businesses or a large group of friends.

Telegram also features Secret Chat messages. Secret Chat messages is similar to Snapchat where any kind of content sent can be automatically set to self-destruct. Additionally, Telegram now has a new feature that lets users unsend messages sent within 48 hours. Another feature is stickers. Besides just basic emojis, Telegram takes it a step further with high quality stickers to express yourself. It also has an open GIF platform for those who you want express themselves a bit further.

Want the group chat to have some competitive fun? Challenge chat members to in-app games of LumberJack, Corsairs, or Math Battle. To initiate this, simply type "@Gamebot" to bring up the list of games and select the one you want. Telegram also keeps track of the scores for everyone in the chat. Other bots can be used outside of games to perform specific tasks.

Recently, Telegram updated their desktop to version 1.0. In this version, Telegram has smoother animations and supports custom themes. In addition, Telegram just released their app for Android Wear 2.0 which can be downloaded via the Google Play store. By having Telegram on your wrist, you can browse your chats and quickly reply to messages with voice, text, emoji, or stickers. You can even create groups right from your watch. It also supports several themes in different colors.

Telegram is a must-have app. This is what standard SMS should be. It is the fastest and most secure messaging app in existence. Get your Telegram on by downloading it here. Check out the slideshow gallery below!

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