First Thoughts: LG G6

Earlier today, I was able to preview the platinum colored model of the upcoming LG G6 ahead of its release and what a beautifully designed smartphone it is. Upon first look, the device looks small. It's hard to believe that this device has a large 5.7-inch display. Even with its large display, the device is surprisingly lightweight. For me, this is the first time an LG smartphone felt like a premium handset.

I put the LG G6 next to an LG V20 to compare device size. It's still a bit of a shock to me that both phones have the same screen size (if you do not count the secondary screen on the LG V20), but the LG G6 just looks so much smaller. LG made single-handed use on a big screened phone incredibly easy with their latest flagship.

As with most top tier smartphones, the LG G6 was fast and responsive. Still, the one thing that continues to annoy me with LG's software is the lack of an app drawer. Yes, I know I could download a home launcher to take care of this problem, but sometimes you just want to use the software as is. With no app drawer, every app downloaded gets automatically placed on the home screen, which is similar to how an iPhone operates. At least the LG G6 has a headphone jack.

Snapping pictures was also quick and easy. LG is known for having a good camera in their devices and the LG G6 is no different. One welcomed change is now there is no lag when switching between the standard lens and the wide angled snapper. Lastly, Dolby Vision HDR (high dynamic range) video technology on the LG G6 is simply fantastic. Videos looked so much more sharper, brighter and had a great contrast between light and dark scenes with this technology.

My time with the LG G6 was brief, but it left me mostly impressed and you know how important first impressions are. Despite the limited time, I can confidently say that this is easily LG's best smartphone to date. The LG G6 retails for around $700 and is expected to be released on March 30.

Check out the gallery below of my time with the LG G6! For more about the LG G6 and tech specs, click here.

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