Google announces Android O and new features detailed

Google held its annual I/O developer conference and introduced the next version of Android called Android O (betting the final name will be Android Oreo). They went into key details of the new features that Android O will offer. Here are some of the highlights:

PICTURE-IN-PICTURE - Google has taken this feature right out of Samsung's book. Android O will enable picture-in-picture mode where you can watch videos in a small window while you continue to do tasks on the main screen. This small window can be dragged around and positioned anywhere on the main screen with an option to blow it back up to full screen.

NOTIFICATION DOTS - Dots will appear on the top of apps to let users know that a notification is available to view. From there, the user can long-press on the app to view the notification in a mini window and find options to respond to the notification.

NY Times Crossword Instant App

INSTANT APPS - This feature, which was announced last year and is now ready to go, allows users to use limited functions of a certain app without actually downloading the app itself. This is beneficial to users who want to preview an app before downloading it. To begin using, go to settings, then select the Google tab, and finally click Instant Apps. Lastly, choose an account or toggle on and then proceed to enter the title of the app in a Google Search. Not all apps support this, but you can try New York Times Crossword as an example. The title of the app should come up in a link with the word "Instant" next to it. Press this link and you're good to go.

AUTO-FILL - The feature itself is not new, but soon you'll be able to use auto-fill in apps themselves so you won't have to manually input a username or password.

SMART TEXT SELECT - Android O now will recognize certain text that is selected. For example, if you select a phone number, all you have to do is tap it and the phone will begin calling that number. If you highlight an address and then tap it, you will begin navigating to that place.

Additionally, the notification menu has been given a cleaner look and Google claims that battery life will also improve under the newest iteration of Android. If you would like to enroll in the beta, click here and follow the instructions. Check out the Android O gallery below!

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