2017 Google Pixel XL first look?

A few days ago, the folks over at Android Police released an exclusive photo allegedly showing off the second generation Google Pixel XL. According to Android Police, the 2017 Google Pixel XL will feature a 6-inch display with a 2:1 aspect ratio and extremely thin bezels. It looks like a cross between the LG G6 and a Samsung Galaxy S8.

On the back of the device, there's a glass plate that's a bit shorter than the one found on its predecessor. The fingerprint sensor is also not in the middle of this glass plate and is instead, below the plate. The iconic 'G' is located once again near the bottom.

The picture somewhat makes the phone looks like it has a curved display, but Android Police has confirmed that the screen is indeed flat. There is also no word on a headphone jack, featured specs, release date, and official name. Lastly, Android Police has indicated that device will have a squeezable frame, similar to the HTC U11, that allows users to interact with certain features (such as the Google Assistant etc).

Source: Android Police

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