More Pixel 2 features leaked out

We are a little less than a week away before Google unveils their next line of Pixel smartphones and the leaks just continues to fly in. This next set of leakss indicate features expected in the upcoming Pixel 2 handset.

According to Android Police boss, Artem Russakovskii, an unverified source has claimed to have played with the Verizon Pixel 2. As always with unverified sources, please take these leaked features with the proverbial grain of salt.

As expected, based on previous leaks, the HTC-made Pixel 2 will look very similar to its predecessor (different story with the Pixel 2 XL). The only difference will be the front-facing stereo speakers. Unfortunately, there will be only a single camera on the rear, but there will be portrait mode via software feature.

It also seems like the Pixel Launcher will be completely redesigned. Whether this is a welcomed change or not remains to be seen because the Pixel Launcher, as currently constructed, is outstanding.

The feature of the handset listening all the time for music is a cool feature. There are many times where you catch the last few seconds of a song, but do not have the time to open the phone and launch Shazam. This is a useful feature for sure.

As reported in earlier leaks, the device will be squeezable, which launches the Google Assistant when squeezed. Phone gestures are starting to become a bigger deal these days and squeezing the phone is probably the easiest gesture to do. Being able to do that it when the phone is asleep is an added bonus.

The rumors seem to be adding up with the all the leaked renders we've seen. With a handful of days to go, the excitement continues to build. Maybe, between now and then, some features will leak for the bigger, Pixel 2 XL, handset. One can hope.

Source: Artem Russakovskii via Twitter

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