Watch: Google's Made by Google 2017 event and live blog

October 4th is officially here! The day many Android fans and smartphone enthusiasts have been waiting for. It's the day that Google announces the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL smartphones, as well as other Google made devices. Below, you may watch the event live and I will also be holding a live blog below as the event unfolds.


11:10am - Checking in! Good morning! Excited for this upcoming event!

12:00pm - Event is underway!

12:04pm - Discussing Google Maps and Google Translate being discussed

12:06pm - Discussing AI

12:11pm - Showing an example of two people speaking using Google Translate

12:12pm - Rick Osterloh has taken the stage

12:12pm - Looks like Verizon will be exclusive carrier again. Verizon sales reps are in front row.

12:13pm - Rick states Google has brought over 2000 employees from HTC

12:14pm - Google showing off past devices

12:15pm - 55 millions Chromecast devices around the world. Over 100 million new Google Assistant answers

12:17pm - Strong emphasis on AI and hardware.

12:20pm - Rishia Chandra takes the stage. Head of Home team.

12:21pm - Google Home being talked about.

12:22pm - Voice Match being discussed. Home will identify your specific voice. New feature will be rolled out today on all existing Google Homes.

12:23pm - Hands free calling coming today to Google Home.

12:24pm - Isabelle Olsson on stage to continue talking about Home.

12:25pm - Talking about Home design.

12:25pm - Google Home Mini officially announced.

12:26pm - Discussing Google Home Mini in depth. Will have 360 degree sound.

12:28pm - Google Home Mini pre-order starts today and will be only $49. Wow.

12:30pm - Google Home Mini will come in 3 different colors.

12:31pm - Google Home now compatible with over 1000 smart products.

12:31pm - Nest CEO on stage.

12:32pm - Familiar Faces feature being discussed with the Nest doorbell. The doorbell will tell you who it is. Wow.

12:35pm - Broadcast feature being discussed. Will broadcast a message to all the Google Homes in the house.

12:39pm - Google partnered with Disney to bring content to the Google Home. Will be rolled out later this month.

12:41pm - Google Home Max was officially announced

12:42pm - Smart Sound feature being discussed.

12:44pm - Google Home Max will come in 2 colors: Chalk and Charcoal. Will be released in December and retails for $399.

12:46pm - Demoing the Google Home Max

12:47pm - Google Pixelbook just announced.

12:48pm - 10mm thin and 1kg light. 4-in-1 design on the Pixelbook.

12:50pm - 12.3-inch touchscreen. Quad HD screen. 235ppi. i5 and i7 processor. up to 16GB of RAM. 10 hours of battery life. 2 hours of use in just 15 minutes of charging.

12:52pm - Google Assistant built-in on the Pixelbook

12:53pm - Pixelbook Pen is a companion for the Pixelbook.

12:56pm - Can use the apps on your phone on the Pixelbook.

12:57pm - Pixelbook comes in 3 configurations. Starts at $999. Pixelbook Pen will be $99. Pre-order available today.

12:58pm - Looks like it's smartphone time.

1:00pm - Google Pixel 2 and Google Pixel 2 XL officially announced! 5-inch and 6-inch respectively.

1:01pm - The new phones will have front-facing speakers. Confirmed.

1:02pm - No headphone jack. Bad move, Google.

1:02pm - Kinda Blue, Just Black, and Simply White colors for the Pixel 2.

1:03pm - 2 colors for the Pixel 2 XL - Just Black and Simple Black and White (two-toned) colors for the Pixel 2 XL.

1:03pm - Shots fired at Apple. Google keeping same features on BOTH phones.

1:05pm - Now Playing feature will always listen for music and tell you what song is playing without you do anything.

1:06pm - Showing the new Google Pixel Launcher. Google search bar now on the bottom.

1:07pm - Active Edge feature - Squeeze the phone to interact with certain features. Hello HTC.

1:09pm - Google Assistant getting smarter and does more with just a simple command.

1:10pm - Both devices will launch with Android Oreo.

1:11pm - Google Lens preview underway.

1:12pm - Google Lens uses the camera to give you information on what the camera focuses on.

1:15pm - Augmented reality is being shown on the Pixel 2. AR Stickers (exclusive to Pixel) literally, puts digital images into your photos or camera view.

1:19pm - DXOMARK gave Pixel 2 camera a score of 98, the highest ever given to a smartphone. Wow.

1:21pm - Portrait mode via software being discussed. No dual camera configuration.

1:22pm - OIS and EIS on video recording.

1:22pm - Motion Photos records video before and after an image taken.

1:25pm - Pixel 2 users will get free unlimited storage in the highest resolution in Google Photos.

1:26pm - The handsets will have 'Super Fast Charging' and be water resistant.

1:27pm - Pixel 2 starts at $649. Pixel 2 XL starts at $849. No shock there. Both will be available for pre-order today. Google Home Mini will be a free gift with the purchase of the phone. Verizon will be the exclusive US carrier once again.

1:31pm - Google Daydream View 2017 officially announced.

1:32pm - Will start at $99.

1:33pm - Google Pixel Buds officially announced. Wireless headphones.

1:34pm - Google Assistant built-in the Pixel Buds as well as Google Translate. Wow. Game changer.

1:36pm - Supports 40 languages.

1:36pm - Comes in 3 colors. Pre-order begins today and will retail for $159. Releases in November.

1:37pm - Google Clips officially announced.

1:38pm - Google Clips works with Pixel smartphones. It's a hands-free camera.

1:41pm - Retails at $249 and is coming soon.

1:43pm - Visit to view all of the products.

1:43pm - Event over.

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