OnePlus to take first step in coming to the US

The very successful smartphone manufacturer, OnePlus, has decided that it will start talking with US carriers in order to bring their smartphone line stateside. The Chinese company just saw it's latest smartphone, the OnePlus 5T, become it's fastest and best-selling product. It topped their last record holder, the OnePlus 5, which was released this past June.

In an interview at the Bellagio resort in Las Vegas, company CEO Pete Lau said today that "if the right opportunity and right timing come along, we'll be very happy to experiment." The brand is already well-known among Android enthusiasts and could fare quite well in the US.

In order to take the OnePlus brand to the next level, it must gain carrier support. According to analysts, roughly 85 percent to 90 percent of consumers buy their phones through their carrier. After what just happened with Huawei's deal with AT&T, who knows if 2018 will be the year OnePlus arrives in the US.

Additionally, Lau stated that OnePlus will release their next flagship late in the second quarter and that it will be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset. As for a second phone, Lau could not commit to OnePlus releasing another phone later in the year as it did with the 5T.

Here's hoping that they can get a deal and show US consumers what they've been missing out on.

Source: CNET


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