Google's trade-in program is an absolute nightmare

If you traded in a phone through Google to get a Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL like me, there's a good chance you've experienced the nightmare that is Google's trade-in program. This is, by far, the worst experience trading in a phone that I have ever experienced and it is worrisome how a major company can't seem to figure it out. So let me take you to the current situation.

I currently use a Google Pixel 2 XL as my daily driver. As many people did, I pre-ordered the device in early October through Google's website. At the time, Google had a trade-in promotion for purchasing their new device where you can get up to $410 if you trade in the original Google Pixel XL.

Google sent me a very thin and cheap envelope which offered practically no protection for the trade-in device. So I sent my device in with the case on it within 30 days of receiving my new phone. That's when the nightmare started.


11/16/17 - Google shipped the device.

11/18/17 - Received my new white Pixel 2 XL in the mail.

12/1/17 - Sent out trade-in device.

12/6/17 - After a delay, Google received shipment

12/11/17 - 12/14/17 - Reached out to Google to inquire about trade-in credit. Was told they are experiencing a high volume of trade-in devices and should appraise my device shortly.

12/18/17 - Google sends me an email regarding my trade-in:

Now this is completely absurd for many reasons. For starters, I never owned a Huawei Nexus 6P (unfortunately cause it was such a great device). I also sent my trade-in device within the 30 days and it was also received within the 30 days. Lastly, the device was in mint condition with not even a scratch on the screen. So I contact support and that's when the nightmare got even worse.

12/18/17 (continued) - I open a case with Google support and send them pictures of the Google Pixel XL that I sent in. I took pictures because I really did not trust that envelope.

12/22/17 - Requested an update, got a response to send them more details. Sent them screenshots of the details they requested.

12/23/17 - They respond to my details and tell me that they have escalated the case and to wait 24-48 hours for the next update.

12/24/17 - They practically tell me again that they have escalated the case and to wait another 24-48 hours.

12/27/17 - I ask for an update.

12/28/17 - They reply with no update and that they will contact me when they get an update.

1/02/18 - Requested another update.

1/03/18 - New Year, new update? Nope. Google, once again, could not provide me with an update and said they will contact me when they have one.

1/11/18 - Over a week since I last checked in, they have to have something by now, right? Nope. Google tells me there is no update and to "wait a few more days."

1/18/18 - Gave Google another week before I requested an update and let them know that I am not happy with this experience. Officially a month since I raised this issue.

1/19-18 - They respond with more of the same. It seems like they just copy and paste these their responses at this point.

1/22/18 - They email me randomly stating their partnered team and their specialists are working on it. Also said that they will get back to me directly with the resolution. Sure, Google.

1/26/18 - I request yet another update and also express my displeasure with this process. Google replies that they understand that I am not happy with the $50 store credit (wait, what store credit?) and that they will escalate this issue (this has been "escalated" several times already). I respond asking about that random store credit and to further express my displeasure. I only want the correct trade-in value.

1/27/18 - Shortest reply ever from Google. They understand my issue and apparently will be contacted soon.

As of this writing, there is still no resolution for this issue. I know many users on reddit who are dealing with the same problem and are not happy with Google either. This is something that needs to be addressed and put into the spotlight because this is simply unacceptable. It appears Google has no idea what they are doing with these trade-ins.

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