Verizon cancels plans to sell Huawei smartphones

Courtesy of political pressure, Verizon Wireless has decided to cancel plans to sell Huawei smartphones in the US. The Chinese smartphone manufacturer has tried to get into the US market and had a deal with AT&T recently that was abruptly cancelled at the last minute.

The US government is concerned with potential Chinese spying and is putting pressure on companies to avoid using Chinese equipment. Huawei has plans to be the first manufacturer to release a 5G capable phone, but it appears the US will not have access to it due to the security risk the US government believes it imposes.

In an attempt to block out Chinese equipment, the Trump administration considered plans to nationalize the 5G Network, but the idea was killed off by lawmakers. Huawei devices will continue to work on US carrier networks, but would have to be purchased through third parties.

There have been no official statements from Huawei or Verizon on this matter.

Source: Bloomberg

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