Some features of Android P leak

Some details about Google's upcoming software update has emerged thanks to some industry insiders. According to the leak, the primary focus of Android P, whose code name is Pistachio Ice Cream (not the official name), is to lure more iPhone users away from Apple and into the Android ecosystem.

Google is anticipating some manufacturers to mimic Apple's "notch" cutout, which is found atop of the iPhone X. With that said, it is expected that Android P will provide support for these types of smartphones, as well as foldable phones.

There is currently only one Android smartphone that has a notch-like design and that is Andy Rubin's Essential Phone. The device is all display minus the small area on top where the front-facing camera lies.

Android P is also said to take the Google Assistant even further by allowing developers to use the technology inside of their apps, however, this is not expected to make an appearance in 2018. In addition, the software update should improve battery life and sport a redesigned look.

We will find out if these leaks turn out to be true in early May at Google's I/O event. Til then, you know what to do with leaks.

Source: Bloomberg

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