Enough with the top "notch" and bring back the top bezel

While some may think it was Apple to have first brought the top "notch" idea to fruition with their iPhone X, it was the Essential Phone that started it all. Andy Rubin's Essential Phone was the first phone to have this idea and while I believe it looks better than the "notch" on the iPhone X, it still looks a bit odd to me.

It looks like more manufacturers are going to go the route of a "notch" on top, but do we really need or want it? Just because the iPhone X sold plenty of phones, does that mean people really like the "notch" or is it because some people will just buy anything Apple? To me, the "notch" is horrendous looking and I know I'm not alone on that opinion.

I know bezels are becoming a thing of the past, but instead of that ugly "notch" I believe there should only be a top bezel. This top bezel, as shown below, will incorporate the front-facing camera, an LED flash, and a speaker. The rest can be all screen. Personally, I think this would be a much better design choice that can be appreciated by the masses.

This can be a temporary solution until manufacturers figure out how to put everything within the display without sacrificing hardware features that we've grown to expect. What do you think?

#Phone #Concept #Notch #Bezellessdisplay

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