Google's trade-in program is an absolute nightmare part 2 (resolved?!)

Towards the end of January, I told you about how awful Google's trade-in program was, showcasing my own horrific experience. That horrendous experience, which begun in early December, has continued well into February with no resolution in sight.

To summarize, I purchased a Google Pixel 2 XL in white and traded in an original Pixel XL (128GB model) in black. The promotion: I would receive a promotional trade-in credit of $410 (for trading in my Pixel XL) towards the purchase of a Pixel 2 XL. I received my new device in November and I traded in my old Pixel XL, within 30 days, in early December. I still have not received that credit.

A little over a week after I first wrote about my experience with their trade-in program (on February 5th), Google finally responds by giving me $375 (they already gave me $35 for the trade-in they messed up on) in store credit. Store credit. I repeat, store credit. That's $375 in the Google Play store which is not what their promotion said.

I reply back on February 7th, my birthday (happy birthday to me), asking them how do I apply that credit to my Google financing account which is what was supposed to happen. Google responds that it's not "an option at this time." I wrote back telling them they have to honor their promotion as they're the ones that have messed up this trade-in.

The next day, a Google support specialist writes back to me stating that they will escalate this issue and respond in 1-2 business days. A week goes by and now another Google supervisor writes me. In short, he tells me that this cannot be done. At this point, I demanded someone higher to deal with this or a refund on my Pixel 2 XL. I also attached a screenshot of their ability to do what I'm requesting from someone else who had the same experience (thanks, reddit).

Four days later (February 19th), Google responds that they gave me $375 Google store credit as a courtesy because I sent them a cracked Nexus, even though I never owned a Nexus in my life and the Pixel XL I traded in was in mint condition. I once again tell them that I never owned a Nexus and demanded a full refund. I also stated that I created a claim with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and that I will never buy a Google phone ever again. That claim was really made too.

Earlier this morning, Google responds to my latest reply. They, for the probably 12th time, respond that they will escalate this issue and get back to me. After that email, I've decided to write this article to continue to share this dreadful experience.

At the time of this writing, I received a "courtesy refund" of $408.28 back on my Google Store Financing account that will be available within 14 business days. I immediately checked to see if I still had that store credit, but Google removed it. After what I went through, they probably should have just let me have it. At least I still have that $35 they gave me originally for the trade-in.

After 2 whole months, it apparently looks like it may have finally been resolved. Once I finally see that $408.28 on my card, I will have officially received a total of $441.56 from Google for my trade-in which is $31.56 more than what I was supposed to get.

Was this experience worth the extra $31.56? Absolutely not. Google makes fantastic phones, but this is the last time I buy directly from Google. If you're going through something similar with Google, please share your story in the comments section.

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