Android P features

On Wednesday, Google released a developer preview of Android P (Android Pumpkin Pie?) and with that we saw some of the features coming to the next version of Android. It might not be a significant update, but it will bring in some welcomed changes and additions.


Android P is bringing some new changes visually. Google is making Android more colorful and is using rounded corners as a big part of their new design language. This can be seen in the notification tray, settings menu, Android Messages, and more.

In Android Messages, users will be able to send smart replies, see images displayed in messaging notifications, and see more information per notification.


Yes, the dreaded notch is getting support in Android P. Despite the overwhelming dislike for the notch by consumers, it appears manufacturers are gearing up to put out phones with the cutout on top for the front-facing camera. Therefore, notch support is coming in the newest software update.


This was probably long overdue, but with Android P, users will have some added convenience when it comes to editing screenshots. Say hello to Markup. This screenshot editor will give users the ability draw, write, or crop your screenshots. You can already do this with other apps, but Markup will allow you to edit screenshots right when you take them. In addition, when you hold down the power button, you will see an option to take a screenshot under the 'power off' and 'restart' options.


Android P also makes it easier to access Bluetooth or to cast content. Now when you press on the volume controls, you'll see additional options. You can see what devices you're connected to or if any devices are available to connect.

There is also a new security feature that locks down your device. Once this feature is enabled in the settings under lock screen preferences, another new option appears when you hold down the power button. "Enter lockdown" appears as an option and when pressed it disables the fingerprint scanner and uses your backup unlock method.

Expect Android P to be on smartphones later this year.

Source: Google, CNET

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