Play classic games on your home screen with Home Screen Arcade

You may or may not have heard of Android Experiments. It is exactly what it sounds like. People experimenting with Android to make something new and potentially exciting, while taking advantage of everything Android has to offer.

With that said, Home Screen Arcade is something that may be worth checking out. It is a gaming platform that runs completely on your home screen. Play adaptations of classic games such as Pac-Man, Space Invaders, Vector Pinball, and Tetris.

The games work as a live wallpaper that can be interacted with by using game control widgets. Simply access the app, choose the game and set it as your wallpaper. From there, the wallpaper will give you instructions on what controls it needs to get the game up and running. Access your widget menu and drag the necessary controls onto your home screen. The game should automatically begin once you have the proper controls displayed on your screen.

A notification tab will appear on top that will display the game name, your stats, and a play/pause option. To change the game you will need to choose it directly from the app and then follow the instructions on what is needed for the game.

Home Screen Arcade was created by Sterling Udell and is a 2017 Experiments Challenge winner. You can try out this demo by downloading the playable APK. Check out the video below to see it in action.

Source: Google (androidexperiments) and Home Screen Arcade

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