5G phones will probably need to be charged once a month says Verizon CEO

We continue to inch closer to a world of 5G capabilities. Some US carriers are saying that they will launch 5G networks at the end of this year. We also had a CEO enlighten us on how 5G will impact battery life on smartphones and other 5G capable devices.

Speaking earlier this week at IBM's Think Conference, Verizon Wireless CEO Lowell McAdams stated that we will "probably charge our phones once a month." ONCE A MONTH. Just in case you're in disbelief with what you just read, I'll say it again. Once. A. Month.

The exact quote:

“By the way, in an IoT setting, 5G will have 10-year battery life. And we expect that in a mobile phone environment, you’ll probably charge your phone once a month.”

The CEO pointed out that there will be lower latency which means "computing power" will be moved off of the device and to the edge of the mobile network. This is what allows for greater battery life.

Do not expect to see this kind of battery improvement when 5G is first rolled out. This will most likely happen when 5G is ready to be fully rolled out on a larger scale. Nevertheless, the prospect of having a future where we charge our phones once a month is very exciting.

To see the whole segment, visit the link in the source below.

Source: IBM

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