Apple releases two new videos that take shots at the Google Play Store; are they feeling the heat?

Today, in an uncharacteristic move, Apple released two short video clips that seem to take a shot at the Google Play Store while trying to convince consumers to switch to iPhone. Apple usually does not release short ads that bash the competition in favor of their devices. They normally just highlight their own device features in an attempt to entice consumers to buy their product. This tells me that they're feeling the heat.

The videos do not specifically call out the Google Play Store, but what other app store out there is a big threat to Apple? Certainly not Amazon and most definitely not Windows. Currently, the Google Play Store has the most apps out of any mobile app store.

In the first video, you see a woman pick up an app that ends up blowing up in her face. She puts the app back on the shelf and walks over to Apple's app store and safely picks up an app. Apple here is implying their app store is safer which has been the case for the longest time, but Google has made significant improvements in this department.

Last year, Google released Google Play Protect that gives Android users built-in malware protection and many other security benefits. The Google Play Store isn't remotely as insecure as Apple makes it out to be. Seems like Apple is living in the past here.

The second video shows Apple comparing their portrait photos to the competition and indicating that theirs are better. This is a bit far-fetched, considering that many Android devices consistently have higher ranked cameras. Apple should consider doing a comparison with the Google Pixel 2 or the Huawei P20 Pro. They might be quite surprised with the results.

These two videos make me feel like Apple is feeling the heat. Sure, iPhones still sell really well, but Apple is being out-innovated, outmatched in several aspects, and they lost their edge in design. Why else would they release two videos like this? What do you think? Is Apple feeling the heat?

Source: PhoneArena

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