New features coming to Google Assistant

During their I/O 2018 event, Google announced plenty of things to be excited about. Some big changes are coming in the next version of Android and also Google Assistant is getting some worthy updates. Since we already told you what to expect from Android P, let's see what those new Google Assistant features are all about.


The search giant wants the assistant to sound more realistic and less robotic. They also want users to have more than the two options of voices available. With that said, users will soon be able to choose from 6 new distinctive voices that sound more natural. "Holly," the original Google Assistant voice, will still remain an option as will her male counterpart. In addition, singer John Legend's voice will also be coming to Google Assistant later this year. Yes, you read that correct.


One of the most annoying things about the Google Assistant is how often you have to say "Ok Google" or "Hey Google." With the feature called "Continued Conversation," you can now continuously speak to the Assistant without having to constantly repeat the famous hot word. This feature is expected to roll out in the coming weeks.


One of the new goals for Assistant is to assist users visually. Going forward, the Google Assistant will have a different look and will reveal more relevant information on full-screened pages. Expect the new look to release sometime this summer along with Smart Displays.


Navigation in Google Maps will also be receiving the Assistant this summer. This will be extremely helpful and convenient when driving. For instance, users will be able to call on the Assistant and have it play music from YouTube, minus the video, while navigating to their intended destination.


A simple, but very useful feature. The Google Assistant will be able to handle multiple actions. This means that users will be able to ask it multiple things at a time and the Assistant will realize the multiple requests and reply.


This feature is to help enforce kids to be polite. If a child asks for something and says "please," at the end, the Assistant will respond and thank the child for being polite. "Pretty Please," will be made available later this year.


Google partnered with multiple food retailer chains, such as Dunkin' Donuts, Starbucks, and Domino’s, to make ordering food even faster. Users can ask the Assistant for their “usual order” and it will pull up what it thinks they’ll want. This is also another big time saver.


Routines is a nifty little feature that was announced awhile back that allows you to get multiple things done in a single command. Google is taking this feature a step further with Custom Routines. Users will be able to make their very own routines. For instance, you can create a Custom Routine for family dinners, and when you say "Hey Google, dinner's ready," the Assistant will turn on your favorite music, shut off the TV, and broadcast “dinner time!” throughout the house. Custom Routines is being rolled out now.

Scheduled Routines, being released later this summer, will allow you to schedule routines for a specific day/time either using the Assistant app or through the Google Clock app.

2018 looks to be the best year yet for the Google Assistant.

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