Google Pixel 3 / Pixel 3 XL wish list

We are starting to enter the period of time where we start seeing leaks and hearing rumors of Google's next flagship smartphone. With that being said, I have a wish list of items that I would like to see the next Pixels have. Disclaimer: There is no order of importance with this list.


Personally, I do not use wired headphones, but there are rare times where I would like/need to. There are still tons of people out there that do use wired headphones and would prefer not to use an adapter to do so. The beloved headphone jack would be a welcomed addition and make the upcoming Pixel smartphones more versatile. This would also give Google a competitive advantage over their primary rival, Apple.


It's time. Just about every other handset now has this feature including Apple, who's usually last to get most things. Pixel 3, and its larger sibling, need to have wireless charging. Say what you want, but there is convenience in wireless charging.


Please, no notch. There has been a ton of backlash regarding the controversial notch design and it would absolutely be a buzz kill if Google went this direction with their next flagship. It's just not a nice design. Please keep a thin bezel with a front-facing speaker on top, unless you can go all screen. I have a sense (and I hope I'm wrong) that Google will give the Pixel 3 the design of the Pixel 2 XL and give the Pixel 3 XL a notch. Please stay away from the notch, Google.


Front-facing speakers still can't be beat. The sound just pops out at you. This is something I hope returns and gets improved on. The speakers on the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL were pretty good, but could be better.


Sony started the Super Slow Motion trend with the Sony XZ Premium, which was followed up by Samsung, LG and OnePlus. It's time for Google to jump aboard and beef up the Pixel camera with this awesome feature.


Another feature that Sony has had for a number of years should make its way to Pixel. Every smartphone has the ability to take screenshots, so why not screen recording? Yes, I know some apps will let you do this, but this is a feature that needs to be built-it and could serve a number of purposes.


It's no secret that OnePlus has the best price point and value for all top-tier Android smartphones. Google offered great price points with the Nexus line, so I believe it's time for Pixel to be more affordable. This would give the Pixel line another competitive edge against Apple, who looks like they will continue to raise smartphone prices. A price point that's south of $800 could potentially double Pixel shipments.


No one likes ads when watching YouTube clips. $9.99 a month to remove interrupting ads isn't a horrible price, but many would prefer to avoid the fee. Offering free YouTube Red subscriptions for Pixel owners could entice even more people to switch to Pixel. It would work similarly to how Google offers free Google Photos storage (at original quality) for Pixel users that expire after a few years. I think this would absolutely increase Pixel ownership.


Last year, Google opted to stick with a single camera when everyone else went for a second. Even without the secondary lens, the Pixel 2/Pixel 2 XL held its own and had the best overall smartphone camera in 2017. With a dual-camera configuration (or even a triple-camera), the Pixel camera will be taken to another level.


As awesome as the rear fingerprint scanner is, an in-display fingerprint scanner would be even better and more convenient. This would be a welcomed addition to the Pixel 3/ Pixel 3 XL. A fingerprint should be able to be read no matter where it's placed on the screen and unlock the phone.

What would you like to see on Google's next flagship?

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