First Impressions: OnePlus 6 - The speed you need and the notch you don't want

On Monday night (May 21st), I got a chance to play around with the new OnePlus 6 at their pop up event in New York City. There's only so much you can do with limited access to a device, nevertheless, I did come away with some impressions on the Chinese company's sparkling new flagship device.


Upon first glance, the OnePlus 6 doesn't look like a phone that would have a very fair price point. The device looks and feels extremely premium. Based on looks alone, it is hard to believe the handset starts at only $529. It is easily the best valued top-tier smartphone on the market.

It is not a flawless design, however. The notch really stands out to me and not in a good way, but I'm sure some people can get used to it. Thankfully, you can hide the notch, but still, why go this route when many voiced their displeasure? The notch is smaller than the one found on the iPhone X, but I personally would have preferred a thin top bezel. Additionally, I'm glad the device has the beloved headphone jack. It may seem dated, but it does make the smartphone more versatile.


This is where the OnePlus 6 really shines. It is ridiculously fast. Easily the fastest smartphone I've ever used. There was practically no wait time going from app to app and everything was just so fluid. I was extremely impressed with this.

I wanted to try using the gestures, but for some reason they had them turned off and my time for the device came to an end as others wanted to test the flagship out. Hoping to get a review unit in the near future to do further testing.


I had little time with the device, but I did manage to capture a picture of my surroundings. The camera was snappy and the photo quality seemed stellar. This is something I would like to further test in all different kinds of conditions.

Overall, a few minutes with the device does not tell the whole story, but the OnePlus 6 gave me mostly positive first impressions and it looks to be a very good smartphone especially with such an affordable price tag.

The event itself brought long lines (US carriers need to take notice) of people who were either interested in purchasing the new device a day early or just to see the smartphone in person. OnePlus gave out swag (a bag, a hat, stickers and a case) to anyone that attended. They also served free ice cream. Free ice cream is always a good thing in my book. Check out more photos from the New York City pop up event in the gallery below.

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