Brief hands-on experience with the gorgeous HTC U12+

The other night, I attended the HTC Meet U pop up event in New York City to check out the upcoming HTC U12+ and came away pretty impressed with the company's latest offering. Obviously, playing with the device only for a few minutes doesn't tell the whole story, but can give you some first impressions.

The one thing that really stood out to me was the design. The HTC U12+ is simply stunning, especially in the new translucent blue color. They avoided the ugly notch trend and kept the bezels slim. Not only does it have a premium look, it also feels that way in hand. It really is just a sharp looking device that also looks unique.

As with all 2018 handsets, the device was extremely smooth. There was a very fluid transition navigating from app to app. I also briefly tested the new Edge Sense 2, which allows you to interact with the phone by squeezing it's sides, and was also quite impressed. I used the feature to power the screen on and off and believe it or not, I liked it better than pressing a power button.

I did take a few photos with the camera and it blew me away. The clarity in low light and the details captured were exceptional. In addition, I tested the front-facing camera and was also impressed with the result. I only managed to come away with the selfie, but as you can see the picture is solid (besides my face that is severely overdue for a shave). You can even clearly see the bar in the background despite the dark environment.

Hoping to be getting a review unit in the coming weeks, but early impressions have me thinking that this is the Android phone that I have been waiting for.

#HTC #HTCU12 #U12 #EdgeSense2

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