T-Mobile will be exclusive US carrier for the One Plus 6T

It is finally happening. One Plus has finally received the backing of a U.S. carrier, which has virtually been impossible to get for fellow Chinese manufacturers. The upcoming One Plus 6T, expected to launch sometime in October, will become the first One Plus phone made available by a U.S. carrier courtesy of the Un-carrier.

This is obviously a very good thing for both One Plus and T-Mobile. The backing of a U.S. carrier brings more exposure to One Plus's brand and device, while the Un-carrier could see their subscriber base increase thanks to the big following One Plus currently has. One Plus generates a lot of buzz with their handsets and there has been long lines at their pop up stores on the launch days of their previous devices.

According to CNET, the deal is done, but One Plus is currently still in the process of securing a "technical approval" from T-Mobile. Failure to get this approval could result in a delayed carrier launch.

One Plus is planning on releasing a globally unlocked version of the One Plus 6T and a T-Mobile variant that is optimized for their network. The price of the One Plus 6T is "tentatively" set at $550, but that number could still change.

How do you feel about T-Mobile becoming the exclusive carrier of the One Plus 6T?

Source: CNET

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