CEO confirms the OnePlus 6T will have an in-display fingerprint sensor, but will miss out on other p

OnePlus CEO Peter Lau gave some insight on his company's upcoming smartphone -- the OnePlus 6T. Unfortunately, there are features that will be missing that many will be disappointed with, but it will have a highly anticipated feature that they will introduce to the US market -- an in-display fingerprint sensor.

Beating out mainstream manufacturers like Samsung and Google, OnePlus bringing an in-display fingerprint scanner is a big way to enter the US market. Courtesy of T-Mobile, the OnePlus 6T is expected to be the first OnePlus device to be sold by a US carrier. Finally being sold by a US carrier and bringing in new technology may increase an already strong following of the OnePlus brand.

Sure, an in-display fingerprint sensor is a nifty feature to have, but what about other features that we come to expect with a high-end device? The CEO confirmed that the OnePlus 6T wont support wireless charging, however, the company is apparently "working hard" on incorporating it in the future. OnePlus' goal is to basically have wireless charging work as fast as Dash Charging (their fast-charging technology). Peter Lau went on to say "when we get to the day that the wireless charging can get up to speed without the implication of heat that we expect, then I believe we can integrate the technology."

What about an IP rating for water-resistance? Nope. This rating will be absent on the OnePlus 6T. "The number of users that are taking their phone to go swimming are few and far between," stated Lau. Despite this, the CEO did go on to confirm that the OnePlus 6T is more water-resistant than any of the previous flagships they released, but feels the cost of an IP rating is not worth it to accommodate the few users that do use their phones underwater.

Lastly, the beloved headphone jack has sadly been omitted. Over the years, OnePlus have polled their users on what their favorite feature is and the headphone jack has always come out on top. With that strong fan sentiment, it's still a shock that they did not include a headphone jack. According to Peter Lau, the headphone jack was sacrificed in order to have the in-display fingerprint sensor. The headphone jack took up the necessary space that was needed on the bottom to incorporate the new in-display fingerprint sensor. Makes you wonder why they didn't just relocate the headphone jack to the top of the phone, but to be fair, they are including a bigger battery.

The OnePlus 6T will be announced on October 17th and is expected to go on sale later this month. According to CNET, the handset could carry a price tag of $550, which still makes it the cheapest high-end smartphone on the market.

Source: CNET

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