I watched a clip on the Red Hydrogen One and was blown away

Yesterday, at New York Comic Con, I had the privilege to briefly see the Red Hydrogen One. For those who are unaware, the Red Hydrogen One is the world's first "holographic media machine" where you can view content in 3D without the use of special glasses.

Normally at Comic Con, I would expect to see comics, cool cosplay costumes, and gorgeous art. I did not expect to find a Red booth demoing their unique smartphone. Nevertheless, I was thrilled and excited to see the handset live. It's been a long time coming.

The demo started off by going inside their van and having a representative go over the specs and features of the phone. Next, all attendees got a Red Hydrogen One device with Bose headphones in order to show off a clip on the 3D display. While watching the clip, I was in awe. The 3D quality was superb and the sound, which was also 3D, was crisp. I was blown away. I did not get to run through the device or test the camera out, but just by watching a clip on the device has me thirsty for more Red Hydrogen One.

The handset was also refreshing on the eyes because it looks like nothing that's out today. In addition, I am further intrigued that it also has modular capabilities. I am hoping to obtain a review unit in the coming weeks so that I can really dive into the phone.

The Red Hydrogen One will be launched on November 2nd and will be sold by Verizon and AT&T. It will carry a hefty price tag of $1200 or higher, but will boast high-end technology not seen in other smartphones.

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