OnePlus 6T announcement moved up a day

Earlier this month, OnePlus confirmed that they would be announcing the highly anticipated OnePlus 6T on Tuesday, October 30th. Thanks to Apple, those plans have been revised. A few days ago, Apple revealed that they will be hosting an event in Brooklyn, New York on the same day (October 30th) to most likely announce a new iPad.

Knowing that all of the media attention will be focused on Apple's event, OnePlus decided to move their event to Monday, October 29th. It's a smart decision for a company that wants as much exposure as possible especially since they will finally have a US carrier selling one of their devices.

The decision was based on conversations the company has had with their press contacts and the feedback they received was "considered, honest, and thoughtful." Despite the change in plans for people who had planned to take in the event on October 30th, this was absolutely the right decision for the company. The OnePlus 6T will be announced on Monday, October 29th at 11AM in New York City.

Source: OnePlus

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