Samsung gearing up to announce foldable smartphone?

It's coming. A real-life, consumer-ready foldable smartphone. A phone that literally folds in half, not like the ZTE Axon M by a hinge, but a single screen that can actually fold like a wallet. Samsung has been working on one for the most of this decade and there have been rumors that it's close to announcing one for sale.

Recently, Samsung Mobile changed their logo, on social media, to their company logo that appears to fold over like a wallet. This tease, by Samsung, comes at a very curious time. The tech giant has a developer conference this week in San Francisco and it seems likely that they'll make some noise. The timing also comes at the second to last month of 2018. With that said, there was a report in July that stated that Samsung will release their foldable phone in early 2019. It all seems like it's coming together for the announcement of their foldable phone to happen.

When the time comes, the Galaxy F (rumored name of the foldable device) will command a hefty price tag well north of $1,000 and have a foldable 7-inch display. Should be an interesting week for sure.

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