Goodbye notch, say hello to Samsung's Infinity-O screen

The notch, which was started by Essential and made famous by Apple, has been dominating the smartphone market. For those of you who do not know what a "notch" is -- its the dip in the screen on top which houses the speaker and front-facing camera(s). Almost every flagship smartphone has some type of notch on top of their display.

Unfortunately, this is not a good thing since the notch design is highly controversial and continues to be a giant eye-sore for many. Personally, I would have been perfectly happy with just a top bezel. Thankfully, some manufacturers are working on reducing the size of the notch (like OnePlus), while some others have found ways to completely get rid of it by using sliding mechanisms.

Samsung, to this point, have completely avoided the notch and stuck with their Infinity displays. It does not appear that they will go the notch route, but instead, will go with a hole in their display that will house the front-facing camera. The tech giant calls this their Infinity-O display and it could very well make it's debut on the Samsung Galaxy S10.

A few days ago, LetsGoDigital obtained first images of the new display technology from Samsung via a patent that has been applied for at the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) in The Hague. The visuals depict a full screen design with a hole for the selfie camera on the upper left side of the display. Check out the other ways Samsung could go with their other patents in the gallery below.

To me, it certainly looks better than the dreaded notch. It's all preference though. What do you think?

Source: LetsGoDigital

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